Patient Testimonials


Dr. Rawal performed arthroscopic surgery on my right knee in May. I ran the Chicago Marathon in October. In case you didn’t read that right, let me restate… Less than 5 months after having knee surgery, I ran a marathon. That’s right. Dr. Rawal IS incredibly gifted. My scars are minimal and he clearly got me back to running in an unbelievable amount of time.

Dr. Rawal is not much like others in his profession. I never waited more than a couple minutes in his waiting room (what??? Yes, I am sure I’m talking about an orthopedic surgeon). He spent time with me explaining my diagnosis, showing me the MRI images, answering my litany of questions, allaying my fears and truly caring about me. He also got me in for my first preference of surgery date. On my surgery day, he calmed me down when my anxiety began to kick in. He also showed me pictures from surgery both in recovery and again in my follow-up visit. I couldn’t have been happier about my experience with him at the Hinsdale Surgical Center.

I highly recommend and endorse Dr. Rawal for your orthopedic surgery needs. You will not find another surgeon as customer service oriented AND talented as him!

- HS

Dr. Rawal performed my knee surgery in March 2012. I was unable to walk comfortably or ride my bike before the procedure and now, only 5 weeks later, I am able to walk, run and ride bike without any problems. Dr. Rawal was friendly and took the time to explain my diagnosis, the procedure and the recovery. My experience during the procedure was exactly what he had told me it would be. I would highly recommend Dr. Rawal; he was kind, friendly and I am so glad that I decided to have the procedure done as the outcome was even better than I had expected!

- DM

Dear Sir,

I am thoroughly pleased with the results I have gotten following PRP therapy to treat lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow). I experienced noticeable improvement within the first 2-3 weeks, and I have had continued improvement even now, more than 2 months since the procedure. I have been able to return to nearly 100 percent of previous physcial activity (weight-lifting, baseball, basketball). With PRP therapy I have enjoyed significantly better results than with cortisone injections, which didn’t seem to help at all. And, while physcial therapy provided some immediate pain relief, it did not give the sustained improvement that I have experienced with PRP.

I would highly recommend the procedure to anyone suffering from joint discomfort, especially if you have tried more traditional medical procedures with limited or no success. The pain factor with PRP therapy is minor, more of a brief discomfort than pain. It is certainly less invasive than surgery and the recovery time is significantly less.

- BL

I want to say thank you – so much – for recommending that I see Dr. Rawal for the PRP treatment on my elbow. I have had a “new lease,” since the treatment, and have played several rounds of golf without pain and been able to enjoy many of the activities that were troublesome before.

- JM